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We intend for our agency to be your first source for your questions and policy changes.  We can be reached at (425) 820-1556 or john@totemlakeinsurance.com.  Many of our companies also provide excellent customer service departments that can answer questions and make policy changes as well.  Both they and we can also answer billing questions and take payments by phone.

The companies can be reached at the following numbers and web links:

Safeco: 1-866-472-3326 or on-line at: https://www.safeco.com/

Pemco: 1-800-476-3626 or on-line at: https://www.pemco.com/CustomerCare

Hartford: 1-800-624-5578

Hartford Flood Insurance: 1-800-303-5663

Progressive: 1-800-925-2886 or on-line at: https://www.progressive.com/online-customer-service/

Foremost: 1-800-532-4221 (Billing only)

GeoVera: 1-800-324-6020 or on-line at: https://www.mygeosource.com/Registration.aspx