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Totem Lake Insurance has been owned by John and Patricia Prentice since 1985.  We represent Pemco, Safeco and Progressive primarily in the Kirkland, Woodinville and Bothell areas of Washington.  We are licensed agents in the States of Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana and do have clients through out.  We are unique in that our clients always speak with us.  There are no sales reps, assistants or trainees working with our clients.  This does not make us the largest insurance agency in the area, but does provide our clients with consistent and knowlegable advice from career insurance agents.  We think always speaking with the owner is far better then speaking with a random person at a 1-800 number or the assistant at a local agency.  If you agree, please contact us at (425) 820-1556 or john@totemlakeinsurance.com to see the difference.